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About Me

I've been playing dance games since early 2002. I got sucked in by Dance Dance Revolution, addicted to In The Groove, devoted to Pump It Up, and infatuated with Technomotion. I've been to countless tournaments. I've traveled the world for events and to meet other players. Almost everyone I know I met through this community, including my husband. I could not be more thankful that these games came into my life. I am passionate to give back to the community that has given me so much and to contribute to its future.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design and Glass. I have been trained in both design and craft fields and am most interested in the area where the two merge.

What I Do

I do freelance graphic design - especially shirts for tournaments and events - as well as create my own designs and hand print them onto shirts. 

My hand printed shirts use a bleach discharge technique that I taught myself to master over time. The technique lifts color from the fabric instead of layering plastic ink on top of the fabric, thus the print is softer and more permanent.

Other Information

Color Variations:
Please note that while we do our best to reflect the items' actual color in our photos, all computer monitors vary so colors seen on your monitor may vary from the actual item color. Slight variations when seen in person are possible. 

Custom Orders:
Please email us with any questions regarding custom items or orders! We very likely can work something out.

above photo credit: Marissa Bougher

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